16 December 2020 /
15 December 2020 /

As remote working has become a business necessity over the last 9 months, many organisations have been forced to adopt communications and collaboration tools at an unprecedented pace. Microsoft Teams has been at the forefront of this adoption, with Microsoft responding quickly to ensure they understand the cultural changes that organisations are going through, and addressing the pain-points that arise - whether it’s prosaic changes such as ensuring the Teams cloud infrastructure can cope with the increased demand, to practical necessities such as increasing the number of video participants that can be displayed on a call, to subtle-but-powerful features such as Together Mode, which aims to break down some of the psychological barriers of online communication.

02 April 2019 /

Welcome to the Chimu Software blog! The folks at Chimu live and breathe Microsoft Teams customization and development, and this blog provides a place to keep people informed as to the latest happenings in that world.

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