28 October 2011 /

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I’ve recently been busy on an interesting little side project that addresses a concern I hear time and time again. On receiving an instant message, Lync will show a popup “toast” message, play a sound, and flash the taskbar icon:

14 October 2011 /
25 September 2011 /

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Creating the Metro style app

In the previous post, we defined our WCF service interface and fleshed it out with the code necessary to interact with the Lync client.

Now it’s time to look at the Metro style application that will use the WCF service to display Lync contacts.

22 September 2011 /
15 September 2011 /

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Calling the Lync API from a Metro style app

Great – we can run an application that uses Lync in UI Suppression mode on Windows 8. This means that building a Metro style UI for Lync should be a breeze. I’ve decided to keep it simple – my (contrived) requirements are to be able to list my contacts, and see their presence in real-time. That’s it. For now, anyway.